Iwater organized a specialized workshop at Smart City Expo Latam Congress

It organised the set of talks on the water cycle and its management in partnership with the Foro de la economía del agua.

This was Iwater 2018

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    Business meetings

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    Attendees at talks

Participating companies 2018

  • aqua service
  • Acysa
  • aqua solfit
  • adiquimia
  • AEAS
  • agència catalana de l'aigua
  • Aganova
  • AGA
  • Aiguapres
  • Aintas
  • alfit
  • Alsina
  • Amphos
  • ambiebnt
  • aqua españa
  • aquatreat
  • Apliclor Water Solutions
  • Arpol
  • asagua
  • Barcelonesa de Drogas Y Productos Quimicos, S.A
  • BWA Water Additives
  • basf
  • Belgicast
  • Parsconsulting
  • bohisa
  • Burkert
  • Carburos metalicos
  • Cim aigua
  • Commerciale Adriatica
  • contazara
  • Corsa
  • craley
  • culligan
  • cwp
  • Damova
  • Dossim
  • Dimasa
  • dorot
  • Enkrott
  • eurecat
  • europlast
  • Isma
  • fluidex
  • Fluytec
  • Globalagua España
  • Go aigua
  • H3 Laboratoris
  • hidroglobal
  • Hidro Tarraco
  • Hidrotec
  • Hidro Tuit
  • Homa
  • hunterindustries
  • itc
  • ingapres
  • interelektrik
  • keller
  • Krypton Chemical
  • Lacroix
  • lana sarrate
  • Lanxess Chemicals
  • Licuas
  • likitech
  • MBS
  • Mejoras energeticas
  • Natura Water
  • Netwater
  • PTEA
  • premiertech
  • prinze
  • regaber
  • raimaber
  • scan
  • saer elettropompe
  • Sewerin
  • Global water service
  • Esselle
  • solco
  • step
  • Stenco
  • Solenis
  • STF
  • talleres y transportes Llobregat
  • tashia
  • Tecsan
  • Teqma
  • Vican
  • Xylem

This is Iwater

The event that determines the future of water

Inno Hub

Where water and the finest innovations meet

More info

Tech Hub

Find out more about cutting-edge water technology.

More info

Iwater Awards

International acknowledgement from the entire sector for the world's most outstanding projects

More info

Leading companies

Leading companies from all sectors and territories will be represented

More info

Brokerage Event

Face-to-face with new business opportunities

More info

Water Market Europe

A new corporate ecosystem for the water cycle is here

More info

IX Foro de la Economía del Agua

Knowledge, debate and innovation relating to the management of the integral water cycle and the water safety of cities

More info

Iwater Stories

A space where national and international experts will present the keys to the management of the integrated water cycle.

More info

Visit infrastructures

The most prominent facilities in Barcelona open their doors

More info

Nuestro Compromiso


to lead sustainable development.

We bring together all sustainability sectors to work together for the future of the planet.

Global sustainability

  • Smartcity
  • Smart Mobility
  • Circular Economy
  • iwater

The sector endorses us

Iwater promotes sector-wide agreement:

  • Carolina Rodríguez

    European Commission Head of Policies.
    General Directorate for Research and Innovation.

    20 countries participate in the PRIMA programme (Mediterranean countries from the EU and north of Africa), a long-term project (2018–2027) whose allocated budget totals €400 million.
  • Jaime Lamo de Espinosa

    Professor Emeritus at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
    Ex-minister of Agriculture.

    We need to implement a climate-smart form of agriculture that incorporates new concepts such as virtual water and water footprint.
  • Xavier Cardoso

    Marketing Director at Nalco Water

    Reducing water consumption throughout all stages also reduces energy use, which increases economic competitiveness.
  • Josep Molas

    Director of Coca-cola's Global Spring and Mineral Water Quality

    The company has achieved the goal of reducing water consumption by 27% when compared to 2004 by applying a cross-cutting approach to water resources and making use of new technologies.
  • Tomás Michel

    Scientific coordinator at the Iwater fair

    We need to be able to cover individuals' needs, but also those of agriculture and industry. To do so, we need to stop competing for this resource and start collaborating so that we can guarantee it.
  • Dirk Van der Stede

    CEO Flander Knowledge Center Water

    42% of all employment, worldwide, depends on water. In industry, the cost of water is second to its availability. Lack of water compromises most companies' sustainability.

Did you know that...

We're striving to be a Towards Zero Waste event: A Carbon Neutral and Zero Waste event


We grant international recognition to the world's most noteworthy projects


We are committed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and proud to be contributing to publicise and achieve them


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Event partners

Global Supporting Association

  • Iwa

Content partner

  • Foro de la Economía del Agua

Hosted Guest

  • Bilbao Bizkaia Ur Partzuergoa
  • Veolia

Organizations and associations

  • Acevision
  • Adecagua
  • AEAS
  • AEDyR
  • AGA
  • Enginyers Agrònoms
  • Amec
  • Anaip
  • Aqua España
  • Aquanet
  • Asagua
  • Asersa
  • British water
  • Camins
  • Col·legi de biolegs de Catalunya
  • Conaif
  • CWP
  • Enginyers civils
  • Fluidex
  • Future Water Association
  • IQS
  • IsWA
  • Portuguese water partnership
  • Seopan
  • Tecniberia
  • WssTP

Sustainability partner

Media partners

  • Aguas residuales
  • Ambientum
  • Energia de hoy
  • Futurenviro
  • GWI
  • iagua
  • interempresas
  • Pq
  • Revolve
  • Retema
  • The source
  • Tecnoaqua
  • Watergas


  • Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Cambra de comerç
  • ICEX
  • Ministerio transicion ecologica